Modelio Enterprise Edition

Modelio Enterprise Edition 1.2

It's large-scale team support, MDA customization to adapt it to your environment
1.2#20100507 (See all)

Modelio Enterprise Edition is a wide modeling, large-scale team support, MDA customization to adapt Modelio to your environment
Main features:
-Full UML2 support;
-Model-driven code generation;
-Code-model synchronization using your favorite IDE
-HTML/MS-Word document generation and customization
-XMI import and export
-Teamwork management and project sharing
-Configuration and version management with the "Subversion" open-source too
-Platform generation modules (C#, Java, C , SQL, BPEL, XSD, WSDL, Hibernate)
- Metamodel access through a Java API
-MDA customization
-Tool extension through a wide range of modules
-Scripting language support (Jython)
-SOA Architecture modeling
- Enterprise Architecture and Business Process modeling
-BPMN support
-Dictionary and business rule definition
-Requirement and goal analysis.

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